Names Richard (Called Rich)have good friends, enjoy playing sport and if i'm honest everyday i'm learning lessons, i always learn from my mistakes,i'll write about a lot of things,that interest me or concern me,in my view i am too harsh on myself and i don't have a lot of confidence and i'm working on it,i like everything to go well for me,thats why i worry about things that are going to happen before they do,Enjoy the good times,let the memories last and keep positive is the motto i go by,enjoy my blog :)



I’m refereeing twice this weekend,doing a minute silence for remembrance,i was surprised by the amount of respect and silence the two teams gave in the silence,they are youth teams and i was impressed by their patience and respect for remembrance day,maybe there is a hope for football in the future yet!

Life catchup

Loving Kes so far,way better than my old school,although i do miss some people,there is so many people i want to meet and remeet with tbh! My sport is looking good as i have really improved in all sports! In terms of girls etc. Theres one girl i want to meet and get to know but just have to see,i did like one girl at KES but kinda of difficult to get anywhere with her if her friends despise me,so i gave up on her a month ago. Sum things up LIFE IS GOOD :D


"Lasers" album by Lupe Fiasco is just simply too good!

Nothing to Lose

Time to start going for things now,no holding back,world is mine for the taking :)


Through Ryu’s Lens: Shinji’s first Man Utd minutes.

Football is back, and with that glorious statement is the fact that Ryu Voelkel has stopped taking pictures of Lebron James and started back up with his work relating to the beautiful game. He took in Manchester United’s preseason matches against Hannover and Valerenga, focusing on United’s new scintillating, 23-year-old midfielder Shinji Kagawa. The Japanese playmaker has already begun to hit his stride, and Ryu has captured the acclimation in motion.

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I’m Back!

Haven’t been on Tumblr for a while,been sorting out things in my life,i hopefully am better for it,i’m more confident and happier! Still Love Music and Sport,going to KES for sixth form! Looking for a career in sport and as far as lovelife is concerned well i’m not too bothered as i was anymore but i have one girl in mind and who knows what could happen :) Good to be back!